Dracula's Apprentice

by Mike Zimmerman
Release date: May 2013
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horror, history
Tags: vampires

In the mid-1700s, vampire hysteria is sweeping across Eastern Europe. A war is being led by multiple fronts, by government monarchs, the Catholic Church, and privately. For Leon these battles are personal, as he is forced to ingest the ashes of the vampire in order to resist the temptation to become a vampire himself. His allies include Milos, an old man who has been combatting the undead since his days in the military, and Suzanna, a woman who might just be looking to use the two men for her own personal vengeance. Together the three hunt the vampire responsible for Leon’s potential transformation, who is trying to impress a far more sinister and sadistic power who resides up the Borgo Pass in Transylvania.

updated 2015-02-18

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