The New Tomorrows

Norman Spinrad
science fiction, anthology
The New Tomorrows - Norman Spinrad

Edited by Norman Spinrad.


  • Introduction: The New Tomorrows by Norman Spinrad
  • Going Down Smooth by Robert Silverberg
  • The Pleasure Garden of Felipe Sagittarius by Michael Moorcock (as by James Colvin)
  • Driftglass by Samuel R. Delany
  • Sending the Very Best by Edward Bryant
  • The Garden of Delights by Langdon Jones
  • Surface If You Can by Terry Champagne
  • Masks by Damon Knight
  • Pennies, Off a Dead Man's Eyes by Harlan Ellison
  • 198-, a Tale of "Tomorrow" by John Sladek
  • Flight Useless, Inexorable the Pursuit by Thomas M. Disch
  • The Last Hurrah of the Golden Horde by Norman Spinrad
  • Down the Up Escalation by Brian W. Aldiss
  • Circularization of Condensed Conventional Straight-Line Word-Image Structures by Michael Butterworth
  • The Definition by Bob Marsden
  • The Jungle Rot Kid on the Nod by Philip José Farmer
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Release date: 1971
Genres: science fiction, anthology
Average rating: 6.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: January 26, 2014