King of the Grey

by Richard A. Knaak
Release date: 1993
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy

The Grey are the legends of our imagination — but now, through one man, they seek to live.

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Richard Knaak comes a tale of the Grey. They are the shadows we see out of the corner of our eyes, the visions flickering past in the middle of the night. They are the elves, the fairies, and the other legends of our minds. They are the Grey.

They are all around us, and they are a part of us, forever tied to our innermost thoughts. They seek to be truly real, to truly live, and for that they need a human anchor, a false king – one who can give them substance.

In Chicago, unsuspecting Jeremiah Todtmann has been chosen for that role. But even as he tries to come to grips with the existence of the Grey themselves, he will soon discover that while some represent the harmless dreams of men — there are others that are men’s most deadly nightmares.

(updated 2016-07-15)

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