Gotrek and Felix: The Third Omnibus (Warhammer: Gotrex & Felix)

@ William King, Nathan Long
(fantasy, collection)

An omnibus edition.

  • Giantslayer
  • Orcslayer
  • Manslayer

Would-be poet Felix Jaeger accidentally signs up for a lifetime of adventure after swearing a drunken oath to the dwarf, Gotrek Gurnisson.  The trollslayer is wandering through the Old World, seeking a glorious death in combat to redeem his honour.  As the pair survive one adventure after another, with Gotrek vanquishing the most fearsome opponents, will Felix ever be able to fulfill his vow and return to a normal, peaceful life?

Collecting Giantslayer, Orcslayer, Manslayer plus the novella Redhand's Daughter, Gotrek & Felix: The Third Omnibus is packed with storming fantasy adventure.

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Release date: 2009
Genres: fantasy, collection
Tags: warhammer
Average rating: 7.00/10
Total ratings: 2
Updated 2014-02-26