The Hallow

by Keith Deininger
Release date: February 2015
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horror

A novella.

When James and his roommate Vance stumble home drunk, they find a young woman lying on their couch. Without a word, she walks into James’s room, lies down on his bed, and dies. After that, nothing is the same.

The streets, James discovers on his walks to and from the grocery store, are forlorn and empty.

His roommate, despite his loud and reckless nature, begins spending an unusual amount of time in his room with the door locked, strange shuffling sounds coming from within.

And his new girlfriend, the cute and free-spirited Allie, may know more about what’s happening than she lets on, and she’s about to take James on a surreal, drug-fueled journey to see the Hallow... and the horrors it has unleashed...

(updated 2015-02-11)

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