Seed of Evil: An Ancient Evil Rises

by Robert Friedrich
Seed of Evil: An Ancient Evil Rises (Saga of Evil #1) - Robert Friedrich 8.00   1


From a distant galaxy far beyond our time, the most ancient of all EVIL awoke before descending upon our unsuspecting galaxy. The planet it reached never faced such a threat, but didn’t submit to it, either. In a final attempt to survive, a prison between dimensions was built, the last hope to hold the DARK POWER for an eternity. The planet withered and died, and its people found a new refuge among the stars. That planet is now known as: Mars.

But even eternity doesn’t last forever. Ignorance and an infantile arrogance of a nation leads to its release. And once again, it only leaves death in its wake.

Read the fast-paced Sci-Fi/Horror, where the elements of OCCULT meet with an advanced MILITARY thriller, wrapped in a colossal battle between good and evil.

The first part of a new, long-awaited Saga, from the internationally renowned author of “The Darkness Within” will give you a gulp of a SMASH HIT and will leave you wanting more...

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Release date February 2014
Details updated April 28, 2022

Saga of Evil :: Series

Series contains 1 primary works and has 1 total works.

Seed of Evil: An Ancient Evil Rises (Saga of Evil #1) 8.00   1

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