Realm of Chaos - Marc Gascoigne, Andy Jones

Edited by Marc Gascoigne and Andy Jones.

Anthology of fantasy stories set in Games Workshop's Warhammer universe.


  • Birth of a Legend by Gav Thorpe
  • The Hounds of Winter by Jonathan Green
  • Hatred by Ben Chessell
  • Grunsonn's Marauders by Andy Jones
  • The Doorway Between by Rjurik Davidson
  • Mormacar's Lament by Chris Pramas
  • The Blessed Ones by Rani Kellock
  • Dark Heart by Jonathan Green
  • The Chaos Beneath by Mark Brendan
  • Paradise Lost by Andy Jones
  • Wolf in the Fold by Ben Chessell
  • Faithful Servant by Gav Thorpe
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Release date: 2000
Genres: fantasy, anthology
Tags: warhammer
Updated: August 25, 2021

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