Kill Zombies - T. A. Uner

Leopard King Saga #1.1.

Environmental disasters, Global Conspiracies, raging Dinosaurs, and the fall of the United States.

But the worst is yet to come....

In the near-future Earth is a wasteland, its citizens scrambling off-world to save themselves. In this Dystopian world a half-human Dinosaur Hunter named Croctus Reptilius and his partner, Sawtooth, a mutant crocodile with an affinity for liquor, hunt raptors for game and profit in the environmentally devastated Florida Everglades. When a dead time-traveler returns from the grave to warn Reptilius of a Zombie threat masterminded by a ruthless organization called "The Sect," Reptilius must seek out two individuals for help: the first, a teenage girl with a deadly secret; the second, an MI6 scientist haunted by a traumatic event. Both of these people possess skills that can help turn the tide, or, condemn Earth to a Zombie apocalypse from which there is no return.

Please note: even though Kill Zombies serves as a prequel for Tome Two of The Leopard King Saga (The Leopard Stratagem), it can also be enjoyed as a standalone novel without having to read any of the other Leopard King Saga novels.

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Release date: November 25, 2013
Genres: science fiction
Updated: August 28, 2021

Leopard King Saga :: Series

The Leopard King Saga is a rapidly-growing universe, taking place in 1st Century Rome and on other worlds. It will cover four books, or “Tomes”. "Kill Zombies", "The Bloody Ripper" and "Stone Ram" are intermediary books that introduce three antagonistic characters, and set the stage for Tome 2 and beyond. These three intermediary stories take place on other worlds, but seamlessly connect with the four main Tomes.

Kill Zombies
The Bloody Ripper
Stone Ram
The Leopard Vanguard (Leopard King Saga #1)
The Leopard Stratagem (Leopard King Saga #2)
The Leopard Apocalypse (Leopard King Saga #3)
The Leopard Resurrection (Leopard King Saga #4)