The Bloody Ripper - T. A. Uner

Leopard King Saga #1.2.

Something strange is happening in Victorian England: Citizens of London are disappearing and being used in gruesome experiments by a ruthless organization, a mysterious red locomotive transporting strange cargo steams toward an unknown destination, and women in Whitechapel district are being brutally murdered by an unknown assailant called "Jack the Ripper."

Jack Mansfield, a promising young doctor, is thrust into an unenviable situation when his older brother Robert, a detective investigating the Ripper killings, suddenly disappears, and Jack is framed for the Whitechapel murders. Now Jack must use every skill at his disposal to clear his name and prevent a conspiracy that threatens not only London, but the entire human race.

The Bloody Ripper is a new Steampunk thriller by T.A. Uner. Set in Victorian Era London, during the time of the "Jack the Ripper" killing spree in 1888, it is sure to keep readers guessing until the final page.

Please note: It is strongly recommended you read Kill Zombies before reading The Bloody Ripper.

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Release date: January 28, 2014
Genres: fantasy, thriller
Updated: August 29, 2021

Leopard King Saga :: Series

The Leopard King Saga is a rapidly-growing universe, taking place in 1st Century Rome and on other worlds. It will cover four books, or “Tomes”. "Kill Zombies", "The Bloody Ripper" and "Stone Ram" are intermediary books that introduce three antagonistic characters, and set the stage for Tome 2 and beyond. These three intermediary stories take place on other worlds, but seamlessly connect with the four main Tomes.

Kill Zombies
The Bloody Ripper
Stone Ram
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