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by Allen Ashley
Release date: March 6, 2015
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, horror, anthology
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Edited by Allen Ashley.

The Senses. We’ve all got them and are using them constantly. Even the Pinball Wizard had a couple. What’s that sound? Did you see that? Don’t let that touch me. Smells delicious. The taste of heaven...

As humans, we are constantly processing our responses to the sensory input. With this in mind, editor Allen Ashley has collected together 21 new stories that explore our relationship with our primary senses. What’s it really like to be invisible? What can we do against sounds that kill? And what do you think is truly in that feely bag? These are stories from British and north American writers that will take you to the far reaches of the sensory world and beyond. You may not look at / hear / smell / taste / touch reality in quite the same way again.


  • Blinding a Few Dogs - Gary Budgen
  • Stone - Richard Mosses
  • Stain - Ian Hunter
  • Little Fingers - Christine Morgan
  • Good Old Dirt - Aliya Whiteley
  • Graft - Adam Craig
  • Making See - Mark Patrick Lynch
  • The Taste of Turtle Tears - Rhys Hughes
  • Going Dark - E. Lillith McDermott
  • Musk - Douglas Thompson
  • The Impression of Craig Shee - David McGroarty
  • Maneater - David Gullen
  • Wide Shining in the Remote - Kelda Crich
  • Bang, Bang, Thud - Ralph Robert Moore
  • A Mimicry of Night - Jon Michael Kelley
  • Space - Terry Grimwood
  • The Sound Cyclones - David Turnbull
  • A View from a Crowded Street Corner - David Buchan
  • Watching the Ashbless Bloom - T.J. Berg
  • The Crystal Gazer - Stanley B. Webb
  • The War Artist - Tim Nickels
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