Monsters in the Heart

Stephen Volk
horror, short stories
Monsters in the Heart - Stephen Volk

British Fantasy Award nominee 2014.

A giant ape... A heartless priest... A descent into depravity under London... An immortal hound... A baby thrown up by the sea... A Voodoo prayer... A legend made flesh in the eyes of a terrified child...

Monsters come in all shapes and sizes...

From human individuals with an evil streak or deeply aberrant nature, to those who are simply physically wrong. From beasts of the imagination to modern myths from the big screen...

In these 15 stories representing the very best recent fiction by the writer of TV's Ghostwatch and Afterlife and the acclaimed novella "Whitstable", you will meet all the things that made our childhoods terrifying - and bearable.

Others had Bobby Moore or Elvis. We had Christopher Lee and Quatermass. We had monsters in our hearts forever...

"A marvellous collection. Imaginative, intelligent writing from a master craftsman. Highly recommended." - Dark Musings

"Serves both as a time capsule of Volk's work over the years, but also his diversity in how he crafts his stories." - Gef Fox - Wag the Fox

"A very fine collection." - Simon Bestwick

"Where would horror be without Stephen Volk? Very much the poorer is the answer. The book collects 15 stories that range from the touching ('Swell Head') to the outrageous ('In the Colosseum'), from the witty ('Who Dies Best') to the unsettling ('After the Ape'). All demonstrate Volk to be as versatile and creative in the short story medium as he is as a screenwriter. Highly recommended for fans of contemporary, well-written, intelligent horror fiction." - John Llewellyn Probert

"A frankly remarkable collection of stories... Up there with the very best." - Matthew S. Dent - Mad Man With A Blog

"A captivating showcase of the author's skill in creating dark and disturbing material... Warmly recommended." - Mario Guslandi, British Fantasy Society website


  • After The Ape
  • Who Dies Best
  • Monster Boy
  • Notre Dame
  • A Paper Tissue
  • Fear
  • Swell Head
  • In The Colosseum
  • Hounded
  • Air Baby
  • Easter
  • White Butterflies
  • Pied-a-Terre
  • The Hair *
  • Appeal For Witnesses *

[* new, never-before-published stories]

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Release date: October 2013
Genres: horror, short stories
Tags: british fantasy award
Updated: August 22, 2021