The Slow Regard of Silent Things - Patrick Rothfuss7.42

A novella. Illustrated by Nate Taylor.

Deep below the University, there is a dark place. Few people know of it: a broken web of ancient passageways and abandoned rooms. A young woman lives there, tucked among the sprawling tunnels of the Underthing, snug in the heart of this forgotten place.

Her name is Auri, and she is full of mysteries.

The Slow Regard of Silent Things is a brief, bittersweet glimpse of Auri’s life, a small adventure all her own. At once joyous and haunting, this story offers a chance to see the world through Auri’s eyes. And it gives the reader a chance to learn things that only Auri knows...

In this book, Patrick Rothfuss brings us into the world of one of The Kingkiller Chronicle’s most enigmatic characters. Full of secrets and mysteries, The Slow Regard of Silent Things is the story of a broken girl trying to live in a broken world.

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Release date: October 22, 2014
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Average rating: 7.42/10
Total ratings: 21
Updated: August 27, 2021

The Kingkiller Chronicle :: Series

The Kingkiller Chronicle is a fantasy book series by Patrick Rothfuss, which recounts the story of Kvothe, an adventurer, arcanist and famous musician. The book is largely told in a "story-within-a-story" format, where the reader learns about the story of Kvothe's life as he narrates it to a scribe.

The plot is divided into two different timelines: the present, in which Kvothe tells the story of his life to a man known as the Chronicler in the Waystone Inn, and Kvothe's past, which makes up the majority of the first two books. The present-day interludes are in third person from the perspective of multiple characters, while the story of Kvothe's life is told entirely in the first person from his own perspective.

The Slow Regard of Silent Things7.42
Laniel's Tale9.44
The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle #1)9.14
The Wise Man's Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle #2)9.20
The Doors of Stone (The Kingkiller Chronicle #3)9.24


10/10 |
August 11, 2021
This book opened my eyes to a whole new way to view inanimate objects and brought upon a deeper appreciation for everything in my care