Ring of Intrigue

by Jane S. Fancher
Release date: 1997
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy

Ring of Intrigue

In this, the sequel to Ring of Lightning, the Rhomandi brothers, Deymorin, Mikhyel and Nikki, return to a city in turmoil. Their great-aunt Anheliaa hangs on to life by the slimmest of Leythium threads, and Nikki's Shatumin wife, Lidye, has assumed control of Rhomatum Tower.

The web is disintegrating, taking with it the energy upon which the economy of the entire Syndicate depends. Suspicion runs deep, both throughout the Syndicate of Nodes and within Rhomatum Tower itself. The time is ripe for Rhomatum's takeover. The only question is, who will be the first to try? Their traditional adversary, Mauritum? The Kirish'lani to the south, perhaps. Or perhaps, one of the Syndicate's own.

As Deymorin strives to resurrect defenses that have lain fallow for generations, and Nikki struggles to bring order to a city in shock, Mikhyel finds himself following a trail of secret agreements and ancient feuds – a trail that leads him from the depths of Sparingate Prison, to the teeming trade city of Shatum, and finally to the decadent courts of Khoratum, and a fight for independence that penetrates to the heart of the leythium web itself.

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