Nighttime in Caeli-Amur (Caeli-Amur)

@ Rjurik Davidson
Nighttime in Caeli-Amur

A short story.

Caeli-Amur is a city-state where magic and technology are interchangeable; where minotaurs and sirens are real; where philosopher-assassins and seditionists are not the most dangerous elements in a city alive with threat. During the day, the ordinary citizens do what they must to get along. But at night, the spirit of the ancient city comes alive, to haunt the old places.

“Nighttime in Caeli-Amur” is not about minotaurs or sirens, but about a family whose lives in this place are fated in the ways of families everywhere... only not quite the same.

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Release date: January 2014
Genres: fantasy
Tags: new weird
Updated 2016-08-25