The Knights of the Black Earth

by Margaret Weis, Don Perrin
Release date: 1995
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionspace opera

The cyborg Xris once held a prized position as a top human agent of the Federal Intelligence Security Agency... but that was before his mission to infiltrate a Hung munitions plant had gone disastrously wrong, leaving one partner dead, one missing and Xris no longer quite human.

For eight years, an-all-consuming need for vengeance has kept Xris alive – that, and one name: Dalin Rowan, his erstwhile partner.

But just when xris and his Mag Force 7 team of crack mercenaries get a lead on the elusive Rowan, a new obstacle appears: the fanatical Knights of the Black Earth, who are plotting to sabotage the galactic governement and revive Earth supremacy – and Xris is in the way.

(updated 2016-09-15)

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