The Lord Came at Twilight
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The Lord Came at Twilight

by Daniel Mills
Release date: 2014
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horrorgothic horror + weird fiction, short stories
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I know them, these hills.

In the foothills of the Green Mountains, a child grows up in an abandoned village, haunted by memories of his absent parents. In a wayside tavern, a murderous innkeeper raises a young girl among the ghosts of his past victims. Elsewhere the village of Whistler’s Gore is swept up in the tumult of religious fervor, while in rural Falmouth, the souls of the buried dead fall prey to a fungal infestation.

This is New England as it was once envisioned by Hawthorne and Lovecraft, a twilit country of wild hills and barren farmland where madness and repression abound. The Lord Came at Twilight presents 14 stories of doubt and despair, haunter and haunted, the deranged and the devout.


  • Introduction by Simon Strantzas
  • The Hollow
  • MS Found in a Chicago Hotel Room
  • Dust from a Dark Flower
  • The Photographer’s Tale
  • Whistler’s Gore
  • The Wayside Voices
  • John Blake
  • The Falling Dark
  • Louisa
  • The Tempest Glass
  • House of the Caryatids
  • Whisperers
  • The Naked Goddess
  • The Lord Came at Twilight
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