Robot Blues (Mag Force 7 #2) - Margaret Weis, Don Perrin


From Margaret Weis's bestselling Star of the Guardians universe comes the Mag Force 7, the finest group of mercenaries ever to assemble in King Dion Starfire's domain. Their staunch loyalty to each other and the mettle of their convictions are often tested by the price they demand on hire, but they are never forgotten, even when mortal danger looms on the horizon.

When a museum curator hires the Mag Force 7 to steal a robotic artifact from an excavation site, Xris – the team leader – feels this could be easy money. Maybe too easy. And when the mercenaries realize they've lost a deceptively dangerous antique, all havoc breaks loose. It's up to the Mag Force 7 to find it before the bloodthirsty Corasians – aliens bent on human annihilation – can use it for ultimate destruction. To make matters worse, their key team member is missing, and the robot has decided to take matters into its own hands...

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Release date: 1996
Genres: science fictionspace opera
Updated: August 23, 2021

Mag Force 7 :: Series

Belongs to the series Star of the Guardians

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