Hung Out

by Margaret Weis, Don Perrin
Release date: 1998
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionspace opera

Mag Force 7. Soldiers of Fortune... Warriors of Fire.

They break the rules, buck the odds, defy convention. They're a crack team of mercenaries, galactic commandoes who fight the battles "official" forces can't. For a price. Their latest operation – overthrowing the psycho dictator of the backwater world of Del Sol – should be a cakewalk. Because when it comes to infiltration and insurrection, it's money in the Mag Force bank.

But when their cyborg leader, Xris, is jailed on a trumped-up charge of murder one, the team realizes that they've become pawns in a treacherous game. At the core of the conspiracy is the ultra-secret Hung Syndicate, the most savage and corrupt criminal orginization in the history of the galaxy. The Syndicate has big plans for planet Del Sol, but they've made one big mistake: leaving Xris and his crew alive to smash and blast their way to the bloody truth...

(updated 2016-10-02)

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