Baby Strange

by Jim Shields
Release date: April 2014
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horror, mystery

A Dark Intelligence Has Been Poisoning Carefully Selected Lives.

The Con Man: ‘Reverend’ Joe McGill claims he’s a healer, but he’s chosen the wrong man to con.

The Psychotic Gangster: Arthur Bewlay has cancer eating away at his face. He’s in no mood to be messed around — either by fake miracle workers or his dead brother Tommy — and he’ll stop at nothing in his desperate desire to live.

The Eccentric Recluse: Maryam Clemenceau is just what both McGill and Bewlay need — a real miracle worker with a bona fide gift. But it comes at a considerable cost.

The Architect: The sinister link between a Maryam’s Gothic apartment block, and Bewlay’s boarded up, abandoned Victorian pub — buildings that are contaminated with fear and the echoes of old and ominous power.

Baby Strange opens with Joe beaten and bound in the back of a car, on his way to an appointment with a cement pit under a Glasgow flyover... this is not to be the lowest point of his day.

updated 2014-05-02

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