Northern Frights Trilogy

by Arthur Slade
Release date: August 2014
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, horror, collection, young adult

Three spine-tingling tales based on Norse mythology from one of Canada’s foremost fantasy authors.

Grandpa was going to murder us. Not with an axe. Not with a shovel. But with words...

In Draugr, three kids arrive in Manitoba from the US to spend the summer with their grandpa, ready to listen to his Icelandic stories. But they are anything but prepared when signs of a draugr - a man who comes back from the dead - appear in real life.

The Haunting of Drang Island follows Michael and his father to a desolate island, the perfect place for Dad to finish the last chapters of his book of Norse stories. Before long, though, there is evidence that the rumors they’ve heard about Drang Island - about spirits, strange sacrifices and a serpent lurking in the ocean - might be true!

In Loki Wolf, Angie believes her dreams about being devoured by a giant wolf are only her imagination - until she hears strange scratches outside her window and learns that sheep have been disappearing from her uncle’s farm. But it isn’t until she and her cousins go to the old croft house that they discover the horrifying truth.

updated 2014-08-27

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