Artifact by Kevin J. Anderson, Janet Berliner, Matthew J. Costello, F. Paul Wilson 8.00   1

The discovery of four stones of non-Earthly origin triggers a deadly race to find complete the mysterious artifact our bestselling authors combine their unique talents in an action-packed novel that delivers enough excitement, intrigue, suspense and adventure for a lifetime. This potent collaboration started with Janet Berliner, who has always been fascinated by the danger and thrill of daredevilry. She challenged the most exciting writers she knew to write stories about the most daring, death-defying risks they could imagine. When the results came in, the four writers realized that they had something extraordinary; not stories, but the seeds of a tremendously exciting novel.

The excitement starts when oilman Frik van Alman uncovers four strange stones that lay in an underwater cavern until his oil drill draws them to the surface in the course of an exploratory drilling off the shore of Venezuela. The stones are eerie, unearthly, and have strange properties that might make them nothing less than the solution to the world's energy problems. But before Frik can do anything about them, they disappear. All he can do is to challenge the Daredevils Club, his closest friends, who consider risk a way of life, to find the stones before they are lost forever. They'll have to do battle with eco-terrorists, overcome double-dealing, and dodge death more than once before the final puzzle is complete and they confront an awesome power never before seen by mankind.

Category: Science Fiction

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Release date 2003
Details updated September 7, 2010
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