People of Babel (Ark Chronicles #3) - Vaughn Heppner

The old ways have returned. There are quarrels, strife and jealousies, and a splintering of the three families of man. Can the people of Jehovah halt the heresies that strangely afflict the great grandchildren of Noah?

Nimrod — leads Babel’s Hunters. He won’t rest until he crushes the Japhethites.

Semiramis — the exotic, dark-haired wife of Nimrod uses her body to tempt men to terrible deeds as she seeks to become the power behind Babel.

Gilgamesh — his quickness made him a legend, his unique talents made him sought by the Mighty Hunter, but his blindness made him vulnerable to a woman’s betrayal and an enemy’s treachery.

Europa — the queen of the Japhethites has cunning to match any Hamite... if she can tame her quarreling sons.

Gog — has muscles like bands of steel. His wrestling will change the course of history.

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Release date: June 2010
Genres: fantasy, history
Updated: August 26, 2021

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