People of the Tower (Ark Chronicles #4) - Vaughn Heppner

The children of Noah race toward doom...

A terrible struggle erupts among the great grandchildren of Noah. Some follow Jehovah. More follow the Mighty Hunter in his quest for fame and greatness. Those who side with Jehovah will need all their faith and courage in this bitterly dark hour.

Canaan — hates Noah’s curse. In his fear, he becomes the world’s first magician, casting a wicked spell.

Semiramis — desires more than Gilgamesh’s withheld caresses as she seeks to topple a god.

Ham — was slow to learn the lessons that counted. Now he has a final chance to redeem his many mistakes.

Hilda — the daughter of Nimrod’s most hated foe, she has to choose between two men, causing grief to the one she loves.

Gilgamesh — the lone wolf searches for his love as a temptress hunts him.

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Release date: June 2010
Genres: fantasy, history
Updated: August 29, 2021

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