Stains of War

by Michael W. Garza
Release date: August 2006
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy

Follow Airious and the Champions of the Blade of Light as they fight to free Karthol from the clutches of the Priests of the True Faith in hopes of uniting all the races of Preyll against the mighty black army of Azuel. The pace quickens as the races of Preyll prepare for battle. A dark army of mythical proportions marches from the west, prepared to destroy everything in its path. As time quickly slips away, Airious finds himself in the middle of an attack on his own homeland of Karthol, in order to keep the promise of an old friend.

Answering his father's call, Larulin begins to accept the role of his birth and lead his elven people to victory. The Champions of the Blade of Light are called out to unite and lead the free people of Preyll towards a fight against an overwhelming foe that could hold the fate of every living soul.

(updated 2014-07-07)

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