Codex of Summons: Chronicles of the Wretching

by Michael W. Garza, Austin Amonette, Jordan Amonette
Release date: March 2014
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, comics

Story by Michael W. Garza. Artwork by Austin Amonette and Jordan Amonette.

An epic fantasy, graphic novel.

A growing darkness covers the frost lands in the north and the Circle of Truth has long sensed the threat lurking beneath the mountains of snow and ice. One man was chosen among the free people to ensure the Codex of Summons does not fall into the wrong hands. The way ahead is shrouded in peril, but Alledar must reach the ancient text before the Dark One gains the power to enslave every living soul. He will have to put his faith in another in order to reach the secret tome before it is within the Dark One’s grasp.

updated 2014-07-07

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