Saint Camber (The Legends of Camber of Culdi #2) - Katherine Kurtz


Camber of Culdi, master of arcane Deryni powers, should have been content. When Imre's evil reign threatened to destroy the Kingdom of Gwynedd, Camber had led the successful revolt against him and had found the last heir of the human kings to replace him. With the crowning of Cinhil, Camber's work should have been done.

But now Ariella, sister of the dead Imre, was plotting war against Cinhil. Only Camber could thwart her evil spells. Only Camber could guide Cinhil to unite human and Deryni Forces.

Cinhil, however, was in no mood to heed Camber's advice. He was bitter and angry with Camber for having snatched him from his monastic cell and thrust him into this struggle for power.

There seemed no hope for Gwynedd unless Camber could end the resentment of the King against him. And the only way to accomplish that was for Camber of Culdi to die!

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Release date: 1978
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Average rating: 8.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: August 24, 2021

The Legends of Camber of Culdi :: Series

Belongs to the series Deryni

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