Killashandra (Crystal Singer #2) - Anne McCaffrey

Killashandra's old black crystal claim was destroyed in a storm, and she has little to show for eighteen months work. Her last find provides enough credits to get her off Ballybran - but not far. Killashandra learns the planet Optheria needs a set of white crystals installed in one of their organs for a summer music festival. She obtains the contract to repair the organ and a secondary assignment to find out if the government there is controlling the population against the planetary charter. All goes smoothly until she is kidnapped by an Islander named Lars Dahl, and discovers in time she has fall in love with him.

Science Fiction Book Club winner "Book of the Year" award in 1986.

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Release date: 1985
Genres: science fiction
Average rating: 6.00/10
Total ratings: 2
Updated: September 07, 2010

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