Son (The Giver Quartet, #4)
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by Lois Lowry
Release date: 2012
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictiondystopia, young adult

They called her Water Claire. When she washed up on their shore, no one knew that she came from a society where emotions and colors didn’t exist. That she had become a Vessel at age thirteen. That she had carried a Product at age fourteen. That it had been stolen from her body. Claire had a son. But what became of him she never knew. What was his name? Was he even alive? She was supposed to forget him, but that was impossible. Now Claire will stop at nothing to find her child, even if it means making an unimaginable sacrifice.

Son thrusts readers once again into the chilling world of the Newbery Medal winning book, The Giver, as well as Gathering Blue and Messenger where a new hero emerges. In this thrilling series finale, the startling and long-awaited conclusion to Lois Lowry’s epic tale culminates in a final clash between good and evil.

updated 2018-09-28

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This review is on SON by Lois Lowry. It is the second book I have read by this author. This book is part four of The Giver Quartet, composed of The Giver, Gathering Blue, Messenger, and Son. I have not read books two and three. The Giver was released as a motion picture in 2014 and I saw it on DVD. It was great and followed the book closely; again not explaining what happens to the main character, Jonas, at the end. This book starts out with a young fourteen year old girl ... (more)
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