by Jonathan Wood
Release date: March 4, 2015
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, horror

Machines attack MI37 while they’re attending Clyde’s funeral. Their US equivalent Area 51 contacts them about a version of Clyde (2.0) that has escaped onto the Internet. Area 51 wants their help in catching 2.0 and sends over Agent Gran as their contact. The team follow a lead to a trash dump in India, where they discover 2.0 in the mind of a child, 2.0 believes he is saving the world but to do this must destroy humanity.

They head to Area 51 which is attacked by 2.0 and the versions of Clyde they thought were working for MI37, Tabitha activates 2.1 who gets them out of the building but New York City has been destroyed by spore zombies. They trace 2.0’s servers to the Arctic where a small Alaskan town is populated entirely by spore zombies. They locate 2.0’s massive ice palace base populated by strange, half vegetable life forms that Clyde seems to be creating via biological 3D printers. The group is divided on how best to proceed – eventually Arthur finds a way to save everyone and fix Clyde.

updated 2015-03-04

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