Leviathan's Blood

by Ben Peek
Release date: April 1, 2016
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

The next installment in Ben Peek's crackling, unputdownable epic fantasy series, introducing an original new world and an incredible heroine

At the end of The Godless, Mireea lay in ruins, the dead of the city had been risen as ghosts, and the keepers Fo and Bau were slain by Zaifyr.

The Mireeans have now fled to the city of Yeflam with the immortal Zaifyr in chains to barter for their safety. With the threat of war arriving at the Floating Cities, Zaifyr’s trial will become the center of political games. But Zaifyr is intent on using his trial to begin a new war that his many fear is an echo of the dangerous man he once was. Ayae, the young girl cursed with the gift of fire, sees a chance to learn more of her powers here in the floating city, but she is weighed down by her new responsibilities for the safety of the Mireean people.

Across the far ocean the exiled Baron Bueralan and the cartographer Orlan have arrived in Ooila city with some chilling cargo, the soul of a dead man. As the two men are accepted into the city’s court, they are pulled ever deeper into the Queen's web of lies and deceit. All the while a rumor begins to spread of a man who has come ashore, an innocent man whose presence threatens them all.

Leviathan’s Blood is the second installment in Ben Peek’s exciting epic fantasy series. Peek was previously nominated for the Australian Ditmar award (SciFi) in 2011 and is an internationally acclaimed author. Leviathan’s Blood will appeal to fans of vivid, and strikingly modern, epic fantasies.

(updated 2016-04-01)

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