The Shackles of a Name

by Martin Adil-Smith
Release date: August 2014
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, horror

One boy. One destiny. A nation on fire.

In the lush Inzai Valley, young Soma Yoshimoto knows little of the War For The Chrysanthemum Throne that has raged throughout Oyashima for the last twenty years. Instead, he yearns to leave his noble birth behind him and become a farmer. But when his father is assassinated, and his village slaughtered, Yoshimoto must flee with only his governor for protection, an old monk for advice, and his two cousins for company.

As competing factions alternately vie to win his loyalty or destroy him, Yoshimoto must travel further than he could ever imagine if he is to find his father’s killer and restore his family name.

Yet it is not just the road that brings danger, for the shadows are lengthening and an ancient darkness stalks the land. Soon Yoshimoto will have to confront not only his destiny, and the growing power inside him, but he must decide which woman he truly loves and which one to sacrifice.

(updated 2014-10-18)

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