Mirrors in the Deluge
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Mirrors in the Deluge

by Rhys Hughes
Release date: March 6, 2015
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, horror, short stories
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Mirrors in the Deluge is a collection of 32 unrelated stories that take elements from fantasy, science fiction, horror and other genres and give them a lateral shift. Like much of Rhys’ work these quirky tales between them encompass parody, pastiche and puns. The fun, as ever, starts with the title of each story – gently leading an unsuspecting reader into preconceived ideas and expectations; expectations that are soon spun around, turned on their head (or other extremities), and pushed in an unexpected direction. Thus, even a saunter through the contents page is already a hugely entertaining experience and one more akin to savouring the hors d’oeuvres of a grand banquet than consulting a list of shortcuts into a literary tome. In fact, the gastronomic metaphor serves us well here; the courses on offer range from tantalising tuck to a foody’s feast, but never mere vittles – perhaps the way to enjoy this book is to digest one story, three times a day (four if you’re a halfling who needs second breakfast), rather than trying to gorge on all the available delights and delicacies at one sitting. To complete this gourmet’s guide, a tempting sampling of the stories must include: The Soft Landing, a unique story told from the perspective of a photon; Travels with my Antinomy, how do you solve a paradox when you’re part of it?; Vanity of Vanities, the internet achieves consciousness and takes over, but with very different consequences from those you might imagine; The Fairy and the Dinosaur, in which a fairy can’t find what she wants for her picnic in the goblin market, is offered cloned prehistoric plums but turns to a time-travelling robot to go back to the age of the dinosaurs and eat an original plum. Other titles to tempt you include The Prodigal Beard, A Dame Abroad, The Unkissed Artist Formerly Known as Frog, The Goat That Gloated, The Taste of Turtle Tears, The Bones of Jones, and The Haggis Eater.


  • The Prodigal Beard
  • The Bungle Duke
  • The Modesty Men
  • The Soft Landing
  • Gathering the Genial Genies
  • Najort Esroh
  • Travels with My Antinomy
  • The Bubble Bursts
  • A Dame Abroad
  • A Real Nowhere Man
  • Gold, Myrrh and Frankenstein
  • The Mouth of Hell
  • The Strings of Segovia
  • Paired Down
  • Arms Against a Sea
  • The Martian Monocles
  • Suddenly
  • Stand and Deliver
  • Trophy Wife
  • The Unkissed Artist Formerly Known as Frog
  • The Fairy and the Dinosaur
  • The Goat That Gloated
  • Vanity of Vanities
  • Unicorn on the Cob
  • Sunstorm
  • The Anvil Cloud
  • The Apple of My Sky
  • The Taste of Turtle Tears
  • The Musical Universe
  • The Bones of Jones
  • Train of Thought
  • The Haggis Eater
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