Poseidon's Wake (Poseidon's Children #3) - Alastair Reynolds7.40

Mankind has reached the stars. Now we are trying to unravel the heart of the universe, but all discoveries are dangerous and some mysteries might be safest left unexplored...

This novel is a stand-alone story which takes two extraordinary characters and follows them as they, independently, begin to unravel some of the greatest mysteries of our universe.

Their missions are dangerous, and they are all venturing into the unknown... and if they can uncover the secret to faster-than-light travel then new worlds will be at our fingertips.

But innovation and progress are not always embraced by everyone. There is a saboteur at work. Different factions disagree about the best way to move forward. And the mysterious Watchkeepers are ever-present.

Completing the informal trilogy which began with BLUE REMEMBERED EARTH and ON THE STEEL BREEZE, this is a powerful and effective story.

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Release date: April 2015
Genres: science fictionspace opera
Average rating: 7.40/10
Total ratings: 46
Updated: August 16, 2021

Poseidon's Children :: Series

Poseidon’s Children is a monumental trilogy tracing the Akinya family across more than ten thousand years of future history... out beyond the solar system, into interstellar space and the dawn of galactic society.

Blue Remembered Earth (Poseidon's Children #1)7.80
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Poseidon's Wake (Poseidon's Children #3)7.40