The Rose Cord

by J. D. Oswald
Release date: April 2012
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Fleeing the vengeful Inquisitor Melyn, Sir Benfro is drawn to the last resting place of a great dragon of legend, Magog, deep in the ancient forest. Through Magog's spirit, Benfro discovers the true nature of his forebears - a history of unimaginable power and mystery over mankind. But with this knowledge comes terrible danger.

Errol Ramsbottom's dreams of becoming a great Warrior Priest have been shattered by his discovery of the dark secret of the Holy Order's power. And yet as a chosen noviciate he is trapped, unwillingly drawn deeper into the sinister plans for war which will engulf Gwlad.

With the forces of magic gathering so the destinies of Errol and Sir Benfro further entwine...

updated 2020-06-15

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