Savage Homecoming

by Joshua Dalzelle
Savage Homecoming (Omega Force #3) - Joshua Dalzelle 5.00   1

Ever since he joined Omega Force, Captain Jason Burke has lived with the underlying fear that one day Earth would be discovered. His desire to keep Earth’s existence and location a secret has driven him to extremes, and kept him far away from his homeworld for a long time.

But now Jason’s greatest fear is realized, and a fleet of alien ships has attacked his planet.

Omega Force rushes to Earth’s defense, but the ships are like none they’ve ever encountered, and employ weapons they have no defense for. Will their lone gunship be able to slug it out with the unknown fleet holding the planet hostage? Or will this be a one-way trip for the crew of the Phoenix?

Also known as Omega Rising Book 3.

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Release date September 20, 2013
Details updated June 1, 2022

Omega Force :: Series

Series contains 8 primary works and has 8 total works.

Omega Rising (Omega Force #1) 9.00   1
Soldiers of Fortune (Omega Force #2) 9.00   1
Savage Homecoming (Omega Force #3) 5.00   1
The Enemy Within (Omega Force #4) N/A
Return of the Archon (Omega Force #5) N/A
Secret of the Phoenix (Omega Force #6) N/A
Redemption (Omega Force #7) N/A
The Human Factor (Omega Force #8) N/A

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