by James Goss
Haterz - James Goss N/A

Is there someone online who really annoys you? Who is always bragging, posting too many pictures and just doesn't get jokes? Look at your Twitter feed, don't you get cross at the endless rage, bigotry and the pleading for celebrity retweets?

Haterz is the bitingly brilliant independent debut from James Gross. A darkly satirical novel of social media murder and cat memes, shot through with a prophetic sense of dark humour that fans of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror will recognise, and poised to become a cult hit for 2015.

Meet Dave. He decides that unfollowing someone just isn't enough. He's determined to make the internet a nicer place, and he won't stop at murder in order to achieve it. When he kills his best friend's girlfriend, he isn't planning on changing the world. She was just really annoying on Facebook.

But someone saw, and made him an offer. Someone who knows what he’s capable of, and wants to use him to take control of the darkness at the heart of the internet. And now the bodies – the comment trolls, the sexual predators, the obnoxious pop stars – are starting to mount up...

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Release date February 18, 2015
Details updated November 15, 2022
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