Mutant Rising (Mutant City #2) - Steve Feasey

The follow-up to Mutant City, an explosive and hugely entertaining read for fans of X-Men, comics, Charlie Higson, and Daren Shan.

The world has changed for Rush since he discovered that he wasn't the only one. A Mutant with powers that the Pure government would kill for, there are five kids like him on Scorched Earth, hidden from the world until now. Rush: telekinetic; Anya: shapeshifter; Jax: mind-reader; Flea: time-stopper; Brick: healer. As their powers grow, Rush knows that they have a mission that means more than their own survival. Together, they're like the ultimate weapon - they might just beat the evil government of President Melk. But someone will stop at nothing to break them up. And as Melk threatens to destroy the entire Mutant city, Rush's feelings for Tia, one of the Pure, threaten to complicate everything...

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Release date: February 2016
Genres: science fiction, young adult
Updated: February 22, 2016

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Mutant Rising (Mutant City #2)