ClownFellas: Tales of the Bozo Family
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ClownFellas: Tales of the Bozo Family

by Carlton Mellick III
Release date: July 2015
Type: other fiction
Genres: short stories, thrillercrime fiction
Tags: bizarro fiction

In a topsy-turvy world where clowns are killers and crooks, Little Bigtop is a three-ring circus of crime, and no syndicate is more dangerous than the Bozo family. From the wildly original mind of Carlton Mellick III comes the short-story collection ClownFellas — an epic mob saga where life is cheap and the gags will slay you.

For years, the hard-boiled capos of the Bozo family have run all of the funny business in Little Bigtop, from the clown brothels to the illegal comedy trade. But hard times have befallen the Bozos now that Le Mystère, the French clown Mafia, has started moving in and trying to take over the city. If that weren’t enough, they’ve got to deal with the cops, the Feds, the snitches, the carnies, the mysterious hit man Mr. Pogo, and the mutant clowns over in the Sideshow district. With the odds stacked against them, the Bozos must fight to survive... or die laughing.

Advance praise for ClownFellas

“I rarely enjoy clowns — which is ironic since I’ve been one for over four decades — but ClownFellas is great on so many levels, irony being one of them. What can I say besides I love it! Great read, and funny as hell... I have been accused of being unfunny before, and after the trial I had to enter the Witless Protection Program. This is funny!” — Barry Lubin, aka Grandma, longtime Big Apple Circus clown

updated 2017-01-16

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