Radio City Knight (Piers Knight, #3)

Professor Piers Knight is the Brooklyn Museum's very own Indiana Jones. In addition to being a scholar of lost civilizations, arcane cultures, and the history of mysticism, he is also proficient in the use of magical artifacts. Saving the world as we know it from apocalyptic endings is all in a day's work for Professor Knight. With the world still reeling from the discovery that not only are dragons real, but that they still walk among us, no one was really prepared for more horror to be unleashed on humanity. But, on the heels of that news comes more, not only are dragons real, but so are demons! Piers Knight is thrust into the middle of a chaotic storm of biblical proportions. The fabric of time and space is unraveling, bringing the world to the brink of judgment as the gates of Hell begin to open. Throw in a police investigation that is closing in on the professor's most dangerous secret, and the return of his greatest love, and suddenly the stakes have never been higher.

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Release date: May 2013
Genres: fantasy > urban fantasy
Updated 2017-01-16