Passion's Prey

by A. C. Arthur
Release date: March 2013
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyurban fantasy, romanceparanormal romance

They live in the shadows — half human, half beast — a powerful breed of shape-shifters who protect the civilized world from the deadliest of their kind...

Caprise is tall, beautiful, exotic. A goddess in the flesh. A dancer, when Caprise takes the stage, she feels the power she holds over men — especially the man known as X. He watches her night after night. He follows her with hungry eyes. And he knows her deepest, darkest secret — her true animal nature...

And falling in love with a Shadow Shifter is the most dangerous game of all.

Xavier has always lived for the thrill of the hunt — and the pleasure of the kill. But now, as a shifter working for the FBI, he is dedicated to keeping a leash on the world’s most savage predators. Keeping an eye on a gorgeous creature like Caprise is part of his job. But when a deadly new breed of half-human killer marks Caprise as his mate, Xavier must fight tooth and claw to save her — or risk losing the most sensual and exciting woman he’s ever known...

updated 2015-02-14

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