Artefact (The Lazarus War, #1)
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by Jamie Sawyer
Release date: March 2015
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionmilitary science fiction

The first book in a debut military science fiction trilogy which crosses Avatar with Aliens.

"A gripping read that moves at warp speed." - Jack Campbell

In the 22nd century, mankind has spread out into the stars, only to find themselves locked in eternal warfare with the insidious Krell. On the farthest edges of known space, a stalemate has been hard won, and a Quarantine Zone is being policed by the only people able to contain the Krell menace: the brave soldiers of the Simulant Operation Program, an elite military team who remotely operate bioengineered avatars in the most dangerous theaters of war.

Captain Conrad Harris is a veteran of the Sim Ops Program, a man who has died hundreds of times running suicide missions inside his simulants. Known as Lazarus, Harris is a man addicted to death, and driven by the memory of a lover lost to the Krell many years before. So when a secret research station deep in the Quarantine Zone suddenly goes dark, there is no other man who could possibly lead a rescue mission.

updated 2015-03-24

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Nicely paced & actionfilled plot. Especially the last half of the book was quite gripping!
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