Closer to the Heart (The Herald Spy #2) - Mercedes Lackey

Mags was a Herald of Valdemar. But he had once lived the brutal life of a child slave. When he was Chosen by his Companion Dallen, his young life was saved, and he slowly adjusted to being well fed, educated, and treasured as a trainee in the Herald's Collegium at Haven. Singled out by the King's Own Herald, Mags would thrive in his secret training as a spy. His unusually strong Gift — an ability to Mindspeak and Mindhear anyone, not just others who were Gifted — made him a perfect undercover agent for the king.

Sequel to Mercedes Lackey's Closer to Home, this adventure continues Mags's journey as Valdemar's herald spy.

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Release date: October 2, 2015
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Updated: October 02, 2015

The Herald Spy :: Series

Belongs to the series Valdemar

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