The Bone Flower Queen

by T. L. Morganfield
The Bone Flower Queen (The Bone Flower Trilogy #2) - T. L. Morganfield N/A

Suddenly the ground rumbled and I looked around, my calm forgotten. Was it an earthquake? Behind me, the maguey plant’s thick, fleshy leaves waved as if caught in a great wind, yet none of the plants around it moved, and no wind was blowing. The rumbling focused between me and the maguey plant, as if something large and sinister burrowed towards me...

Having defeated the sorcerer god Smoking Mirror and reclaimed her throne, Quetzalpetlatl and her brother Topiltzin set out to found Quetzalcoatl’s new holy city and end human sacrifice throughout the Toltec world.

But Smoking Mirror hasn’t abandoned his own ambitions for power; with his allies – mortal and divine – threatening war among the gods, he’s shifted his focus to Quetzalpetlatl and her budding magical powers. Along with her deep, personal connection to his hated enemy Quetzalcoatl, she would be the perfect addition to his ranks, if only he could convince her that she’s working for the wrong side in this conflict.

And he knows the one secret that will tear apart everything she thinks she knows about her beloved god... and herself.

Also known as The Bone Flower Throne Book 2.

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Release date December 2014
Details updated May 1, 2022

The Bone Flower Trilogy :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

The Bone Flower Throne (The Bone Flower Trilogy #1) N/A
The Bone Flower Queen (The Bone Flower Trilogy #2) N/A
The Bone Flower Goddess (The Bone Flower Trilogy #3) N/A