The Singing Citadel

by Michael Moorcock
The Singing Citadel - Michael Moorcock 8.00   4

A collection of novellas.

  • The Singing Citadel (1967)
  • Master of Chaos (1964)
  • The Greater Conqueror (non-Elric novella) (1963)
  • To Rescue Tanelorn... (1962)

From memories of the future and dark premonitions of the past, Michael Moorcock's incredible mind recounts the epic tales of four fantastic heroes.

There is Elric of Melniboné, last lord of a dying race, directing the Singing Sword against mysterious riders of doom. There is the Master of Chaos and the Saga of Aubec of Malador. There is a vast design using Alexander the Great as a springboard. And then there's Tanelorn and an army of beggars storming the City of Delight, and a queen returned from the dead.

Here are tales from a twilight zone, where Reason struggles for recognition between Order and Chaos. The scopious skill of Moorcock makes it all seem true – but, then, who's to say it's not?

Release date 1970

Details updated August 17, 2021

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Elric :: Series

Series contains 8 total works.

A series of stories and novels written by Michael Moorcock and featuring or pertaining to Elric of Melniboné beginning in 1961 and continuing on and off for over forty years to the present. During this period Moorcock has filled in gaps within the chronology of the original series as published in Science Fantasy magazine, as well as periodically revising and occasionally retitling both individual stories and books.

Belongs to the series The Eternal Champion Sequence
Related series Elric: The Moonbeam Roads
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The Stealer of Souls 8.00   4
The Singing Citadel 8.00   4
The Jade Man's Eyes 9.00   2
Elric at the End of Time 8.50   4
The Fortress of the Pearl 7.80   5
The Revenge of the Rose 7.60   5
Tales of the White Wolf N/A
Elric 8.50   6

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