Old Broken Road

by K. M. Alexander
Release date: October 2014
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, horror

It's called the Broken Road. A long-abandoned route veiled in rumor, only spoken of in whispers. Some claim that bandits stalk its overgrown path, while others speak of a city of cannibals. Stories tell of dark apparitions, bizarre monsters, and ancient evils. One thing is certain: no one goes near it.

Caravan Master Waldo Bell has had his fill of trouble. But when faced with a stubborn client, a lousy deal demanding delivery on any terms, and military action that closes major caravan routes, Wal and his company find themselves forced on to that vast stretch of trail.

While strange events plague the caravan, Wal must confront the horrors of his recent past, as he's thrown into the middle of a deadly conflict that feels far-too-familiar. On this road, chaos awaits...

updated 2015-04-13

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