The Halls of the Fallen King (Beating Back the Darkness, #2)


The Halls of the Fallen King

by Tiger Hebert
Release date: July 2018

Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Note! The publishing date of this book is currently unknown.

The black dragon's war is over, but magical energy continues to emanate from the dwarven ruins — and it's strength is growing. As the people of Aurion celebrate the defeat of the black dragon, Theros cannot find peace. Tormented with the loss of his brother and unable to shake his concerns about Duroc's Refuge, the mighty warrior is left to wrestle with his demons.

As word of the potentially catastrophic situation spreads, Theros finds that he won't be travelling alone. With Kiriana, Dominar, Sharka, and Nal'drin at his side, Theros and his companions begin their quest to uncover the secrets of the mysteriously abandoned city. As Theros and his friends descend into the depths of the mountain keep, they begin to uncover secrets, some of which have been hidden for over a hundred years — others for thousands. For these five companions, a dark journey has begun. Their world — and others will be forever changed...

Edited by Seregil of Rhiminee (2018-06-01)
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