Full Circle (Bookworm, #4)
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Full Circle

by Christopher Nuttall
Release date: October 2, 2015
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

In his cave, the Witch-King mused on the changing nature of time. At one level his enemy was randomness, the fickle chances that might disrupt his plans as they had in the past. But he could no longer rely on waiting for such perturbations to be smoothed out by the passage of time. His influence, even his very existence, had always remained unsuspected, but now Elaine and a handful of others not only knew about him but were intent on his destruction and suspected where his body was being maintained. They were unlikely to succeed, but he couldn’t entirely dismiss them, especially as Elaine was the only other magician who understood the deeper layers of magic and she was bonded to Johan who had yet to realise how powerful his own magic really was. Unable to leave his hiding place yet, he would have to rely on the new Emperor to stop her – a man permanently on the brink between sanity and madness, who was easily steered to unwittingly prepare the way for the Witch-King’s return.

Meanwhile Elaine, Dread, Daria and Johan were slowly making their way towards Ida in the hope that Queen Sacharissa would allow them access to the catacombs where Elaine was sure the lich was hiding.

The fourth and final instalment in the Bookworm series, Full Circle follows on immediately from the events in The Best Laid Plans, with Elaine and her friends heading for Ida to confront the Witch-King.

updated 2015-10-02

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