Journey Past Time

by T. R. Williams
Release date: January 2020
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

The publishing date of this book is currently unknown.

Suspense mounts in this third and final novel in the Rising World trilogy, a magical post-apocalyptic adventure about a set of ancient books that hold the key to humanity’s survival.

Following the events in Journey Through the Mirror, Logan, Valerie, and Mr. Perrot continue their frantic search for Simon Hitchlords, the man who now possesses all four copies of the Chronicles of Satraya. The trio embarks on a worldwide manhunt to track down the fugitive and his accomplices as a mysterious illness of unknown origins begins to threaten the lives of all men, women, and children.

The secret to the world’s survival, once again, lies in an artistic masterpiece given to Logan by the enigmatic Sebastian Quinn. Time is ticking as Logan travels the world — from Easter Island, to the Sky Caves of Mustang, to the legendary city of Angkor Wat — to unravel a series of clues forged in the stones eons ago.

The hidden symbols of the Chronicles emerge as their secrets bend to the will of a tyrant’s dark vision. It looks as though it will take more than the flame of a candle, or the morphing reflection of a mirror, for Logan to stop what is coming. But, unbeknownst to all, the Chronicles have a final secret to unveil, a secret so powerful it will turn the tables on everyone and pit Logan against Simon in a final showdown.

The third book in the Rising World trilogy, Journey Past Time is the stunning finale to a race-against-time adventure that you won’t want to end. Says Gotham Chopra, author of Walking Wisdom: “The result is a bold and exciting odyssey that not only entertains, but also asks every reader to question the greater purpose of their own existence and the world around them.”

(updated 2019-09-24)

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