Alpha Moon

Elizabeth Kelly
fantasy, romance > paranormal romance
Alpha Moon (Red Moon #4) - Elizabeth Kelly

Although human, Dani has lived her entire life among the Lycans. She knows first-hand their possessiveness toward their mates and she’s determined to avoid being claimed by one. It’s one of the reasons she’s in love with the human, Kaden.

When Andric, a Lycan without a pack, saves her life she’s confused by her feelings. He’s possessive, demanding and naughty – everything she swore she’d stay away from. So why does his touch spark desire in her belly? Why does she forget about her love for Kaden when she is in his arms?

Author’s note: This is a novella of 25,000 words and is a part of the Red Moon Second Generation Series. It tells the story of Dani and Andric but you do NOT need to read this story before reading Pale Moon. Think of it as a little extra for those who love the Red Moon world as much as I do. However, Alpha Moon should not be read before reading Red Moon, Red Moon Rising and Dark Moon as it contains spoilers.

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Release date: August 13, 2014
Genres: fantasy, romanceparanormal romance
Tags: werewolves, witches
Updated: August 28, 2021

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