Five Down

Stacia Kane
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Five Down - Stacia Kane

The Downside Ghosts series has been called "gripping and brilliant," "a must-read," and "one of the best paranormal fantasy series available." Now all four previously published short stories set in this world are collected in one place, plus one new, never-before-seen novella. In this volume are:

HOME (originally published on Heroes & Heartbreakers)
CLOSE TO YOU (originally published on Heroes & Heartbreakers)
KEEPING IT CLOSE (web original)

Each story is presented in its entirety, with a note on its conception and writing. If you're a Downside fan, this is a must-have for your collection.

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Updated: August 16, 2021

The Downside Ghosts :: Series

In Chess Putnam’s world, ghosts are real, and — what’s worse — they’re dangerous. Lucky for her, she has the ability to hunt and banish them, which she puts to good use in her job as a debunker. People who try to get government money by claiming they’ve got a ghost need to go through Chess first. It’s up to her to decide whether they’re committing fraud — and she rarely makes mistakes. Dark, sexy, and always suspenseful, the Downside Ghosts series chronicles Chess’s adventures in a frightening, fascinating world wholly unlike our own.

Finding Magic
Wrong Ways Down
Five Down
Unholy Ghosts (The Downside Ghosts #1)8.40
Unholy Magic (The Downside Ghosts #2)7.50
City of Ghosts (The Downside Ghosts #3)9.26
Sacrificial Magic (The Downside Ghosts #4)7.66
Chasing Magic (The Downside Ghosts #5)